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Essential Contax Professional
Increase your productivity with advanced mobile contact management for Business


Essential Contax Professional will enhance your on the job productivity by making your contact information lookups and edits faster and  more effective.

Essential Contax PRO shown running on a Cingular 8125

Windows Mobile contact management for business

Designed for sales and business professionals Essential Contax PRO simplifies contact management and increases productivity by combining an advanced, intuitive and easy to use user interface with powerful contact search, listing and viewing modes.

The program includes advanced appointment and task creation features that increase your scheduling effectiveness.

Ability to send group SMS and group Email messages makes it easy to have group conversations and share important information.

Essential Contax Professional uses the Pocket PC integrated Pocket Outlook contact/appointment/task database that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook. This enables sharing and synchronization of contacts via ActiveSync with an enterprise network or a personal computer running any version of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Windows.

Please Note: Essential Contax PRO supports Windows Mobile 5 and older devices only.

If you have a Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 6.5/6.1/6 device, please see our Business PRO and Photo Contacts PRO.
Click here to see a comparison of features of these two applications.

Feature Overview


Advanced user interface developed to increase your productivity

Click on thumbnails to view screenshots

Essential Contax PRO features powerful, multi stage contact sorting and listing.

Looking for a particular contact in a company you know but you can't remember their name? Do you wish to find all contacts in a particular city or list by ZIP code.

List/view contacts by:

  • Any field  (eg. City, State, ZIP)  >> By Name
  • Company   >>   By Name
  • Country      >>   By Name
  • Country+   >>   By Company  >>  By Name
  • Name
Essential Contax PRO displays multiple contacts of one Company or group in a drop-down menu for easy selection

NEW Send group SMS from your Pocket PC

Easily create email distribution lists and send SMS text messages to multiple people at the same time

NEW Send group Email from your Pocket PC

Easily create Email distribution lists and send Emails to multiple people from your phone. Select from To, Cc or Bcc fields to send to. Supports multiple email accounts

View contact database statistics

Number of contacts, companies, countries and categories stored on your Pocket PC and in Outlook

Enhanced contact Note editor

Automatically insert the current time and date when a new entry is made into the note field. Easily re-size the text if the font is too small

Organize your contacts by utilizing categories

Essential Contax Professional aids you in separating contacts by categories with its category filter no matter which listing mode you're in

Advanced Task creation with just one click

Tap the +Task button and the program automatically enters the contact name in the subject line of the new task while the contact's phone number, email address and work/home addresses are automatically inserted into the task's note field

Advanced Appointment scheduling with just one click

Tap the +Appt button and he program automatically enters the contact name in the subject line of the new appointment while the contact's phone number, email address and work/home addresses are automatically inserted into the appointment's note field

Two intelligent contact information pages organize the way you look at contact data

groups detailed business contact information and highlights the important items for fast viewing. The HOME page shows detailed personal contact information

Duplicate contact information with ease
When entering a new contact you can choose to duplicate an existing contact's information to speed up the information entry process
Text too small?
Increase or decrease the size of all text by clicking on any information field in the program
Contact view Memory
Essential Contax Pro remembers your eight most recently viewed contacts and lets you switch back to them with one click
Beam contact information
Easily send the selected contact's information to another Pocket PC or mobile phone via infrared transfer
Easily call a contact on a Pocket PC Phone Edition device
Just tap on the phone icon of the number you wish to call and Essential Contax Pro will automatically dial the number
Customize the way you view contact information with the color picker
The all new color picker lets you change colors used in the program to suit your needs. You can now view contact information in high contrast, customizing the color of all the elements on the screen.
Developed with extensive customer feedback and support
Intuitive and Easy to use with powerful features
Compatibility: Essential Contax Professional is compatible with Windows Mobile 5, Pocket PC 2003/SE, Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC Phone Edition.
Data Integration: Essential Contax Professional integrates with the Pocket Outlook contact database on the Pocket PC while seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Outlook on the PC

Awards & Recognition
Essential Contax Pro for Pocket PC has been nominated for a 2006 Best Software Award in the "Contact Management" category by the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine staff and its Board of Experts!
Essential Contax PRO finalist of Best Software Awards 2005
Pocket PC Magazine Board of Experts has voted Essential Contax Pro to be among the best in its category "Contact Management" in Pocket PC magazine's Fifth Annual Best Software Awards.
Essential Contax Pro has been nominated by the Pocket PC Magazine staff and the  Board of Experts in the "Information Managers-PIMs" category for a Best Software Award in 2003
Pocket PC Magazine has nominated Essential Contax Professional for the best product of the year award in the Personal Information Manager (PIM) category for 2002
PdaPointer has awarded Essential Contax Pro the Editor's Choice award in the Pocket PC software category

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Latest Release

Version 4.3
For all devices
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User Guides

Users' Guide (PDF)

Quick Start Guide

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Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone

Compatible with:
Windows Mobile 5 devices with touch screens

Pocket PC 2000 (arm)
Pocket PC 2002
Pocket PC 2003
Pocket PC 2003 SE
Pocket PC 2003 SE (VGA)
Pocket PC Phone Edition

Supports square screen, rectangular screen devices and landscape operation.

2 MB of Storage Memory

Pocket PC Phone edition required for dialing

PC with Activesync v3.6 or later

MAC users please email us for .cab installer



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