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Version 5.91
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Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone

Compatible with:

Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 6.5 Professional/Classic

Windows Mobile 6.1/6 Professional/Classic

Windows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC)
Pocket PC 2003
Pocket PC 2003 SE
Pocket PC Phone Edition

Screen resolution support:
QVGA (240x320)
Square (240x240)
Square QVGA (320x320)
WQVGA (240x400)
VGA (480x640)
WVGA (480x800)
Portrait and Landscape modes


5MB of Storage Memory

Internet Connection required
Touch-Screen device required

Supporting latest Windows Phone and Windows Mobile devices including:

  • Samsung Omnia 2 (Verizon)

  • Samsung Omnia (Verizon)

  • Samsung Saga (Verizon)

  • HTC Touch Diamond (Verizon)

  • HTC Touch PRO 2 (Verizon)

  • HTC Imagio (Verizon)

  • LG Incite (AT&T)

  • HTC Pure (AT&T)

  • HTC Tilt 2 (AT&T)

  • LG eXpo (AT&T)

  • HTC Touch Pro 2 (T-Mobile)

  • Samsung Intrepid (Sprint)

  • HTC Touch Diamond (Sprint)

  • HTC Touch Pro (Sprint)

  • HTC Touch Pro 2 (Sprint)

  • HTC HD2

  • HTC Touch 2

  • HTC Diamond 2

  • HTC Touch Cruise 09

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

  • Samsung Omnia 2

  • Samsung Omnia Lite

  • Samsung Omnia HD

  • Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani

  • Samsung Omnia PRO B7610

  • T-Mobile MDA Vario V

  • T-Mobile MDA Compact V

  • T-Mobile Vairy Touch

  • Toshiba TG01

  • HP iPAQ Glisten

  • HP iPAQ Data Messenger

  • Acer neoTouch S200

  • Acer beTouch E200

  • Acer beTouch E100/E101

  • Acer M900

  • Acer X960

  • Acer DX900

  • Acer F900

  • Acer DX650

  • Asus P835

  • Asus nuvifone M20

  • Asus P565

  • Asus P552w

  • Asus P320

  • AT&T Fuze

  • AT&T Tilt

  • AT&T Tilt 2

  • Gigabyte GSmart MW702

  • Gigabyte GSmart MS802

  • Gigabyte GSmart S1200

  • LG GW820

  • LG GM750

  • LG GM730

  • HP iPAQ 910c

  • HP iPAQ 610c

  • HP iPAQ 900

  • HTC Tilt

  • HTC Touch PRO

  • HTC Diamond

  • HTC Touch HD

  • HTC Touch 3G

  • HTC Touch Dual

  • HTC Touch Cruise

  • HTC Touch

  • HTC Tytn 2

  • HTC Tytn

  • HTC Tattoo

  • HTC Mogul

  • O2 XDA Sierra

  • O2 XDA Guide

  • O2 XDA Zest

  • O2 XDA Ignito

  • O2 XDA Orbit

  • O2 XDA Atom/Atom Life

  • O2 XDA IIs

  • O2 XDA

  • i-Mate Jam

  • i-Mate JasJam

  • i-Mate Jamin

  • i-Mate KJam

  • HTC P3600

  • LG KS20

  • Palm Treo 700w

  • Palm Treo 750

  • Palm Treo 800w

  • Palm Treo Pro

  • Toshiba g900

  • Samsung Omnia

  • Samsung Epix

  • Samsung i780

  • Samsung i760

  • Samsung i730

  • Samsung i700

  • HP 6515

  • Cingular 8525

  • Cingular 8125

  • T-Mobile XDA

  • T-Mobile MDA

  • + many other Windows Phone/Mobile 6.5/6.1/6 and 5 devices


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Users' Guide (PDF)

Quick Start Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pocket Stock Monitor - Features


Pocket Stock Monitor
 is a smart investment...
For Windows Mobile phones and Pocket PC devices with touch-screens

Get stock quotes and increase your returns by keeping in touch with your investments wherever you are - wired or wireless. Become a more sophisticated investor with this invaluable tool for your Windows Mobile phone or PDA.

Pocket Stock Monitor features an easy-to-use portfolio manager, four advanced stock information views, stock charts, stock price alarms, detailed stock quote information, profit/loss and portfolio value calculations and an automatic update timer. Best in class user interface coupled with multiple stock data viewing options. Access to latest company news, multiple color schemes and large, easy to read text used for price information. Pocket Stock Monitor a must-have for everyone interested in keeping in touch with the markets or becoming a more sophisticated investor.

Pocket Stock Monitor 5.91 has been released!

Supporting latest devices such as HTC Touch PRO 2, HTC HD2, HTC Tilt 2, HTC Imagio, HTC Diamond 2, Sony Ericsson Xperia X2, Samsung Omnia 2, AT&T Pure!

Click here to see What's New        View Screenshots       

Pocket Stock Monitor - Black (hi-res) theme on Xperia X1

Hi-res image

Pocket Stock Monitor Feature Overview

Easily get stock quotes on your Windows Mobile phone/PDA wherever you are, wired or wireless! Use your mobile device as a personal stock display.

Track stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange rates

Update timer automatically updates stock quotes at a desired interval. Convert your mobile device into a personal market streamer.

Advanced user interface developed for ease of use - best in class! No other mobile stock program comes close.

Four stock quote and market index viewing modes:
  • Index View
    Displays pricing and volume information for two stock market indices with cumulative graphs

  • Detail View
    Displays detailed stock quote information for one equity:
    Price, Change, Change %, High/Low, Bid/Ask, Previous Close, Year High, Year Low, P/E ratio, EPS, Volume

  • 4-Quote View
    Displays four stock quotes on one screen with medium font size

  • 12-Quote View
    Intelligently displays twelve stock quotes at a time and profit/loss and dollar balance per equity

Calculate profit/loss, dollar balances and total portfolio value
NEW Stock price audible and visual alarms (over/under)
NEW Get latest news and a daily charts per symbol
NEW Multiple background/text color schemes let you personalize the look of Pocket Stock Monitor
Cumulative stock price graphs chart stock performance
The program saves latest portfolio and quote data for easy review after you have disconnected from the internet
NEW Portfolio Editor supporting an unlimited number of portfolios makes entering symbols and grouping your stocks easy
Developed with extensive customer feedback and support
Compatibility: Pocket Stock Monitor is compatible with all touch- screen based Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 6.5/6.1/6, Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC 2003/SE devices. Supports square, rectangular and WVGA/VGA displays.
Exchange Support: Pocket Stock Monitor supports major North and South American,  European, Australian and Far East/Asian stock exchanges. All quotes are delayed by a minimum of 20 minutes. Pocket Stock Monitor is not intended for professional stock trading - its use is limited to personal use only.

Pocket Stock Monitor Features in Detail

Four intelligent ways to view your stocks
Index View - Pocket Stock Monitor Screenshot

Index View

All it takes is a glance to your mobile device and you will get the latest stock market index information.

Pocket Stock Monitor features a dedicated Index View that displays two market indices with current prices, high/low and change information.

Easily customize the index view to show your favorite indices and suit your needs.

Detail View - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot

Detail View

Get detailed information for one stock with our Detail View:

  • Current Price

  • Change

  • Percent Change

  • High

  • Low

  • Bid

  • Ask

  • Previous Close

  • Volume

  • Year High

  • Year Low

  • Price/Earnings Ratio (P/E)

  • Earnings Per Share (EPS)

You can also get the latest company news and a daily price chart.

12-Quote View - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot 12-Quote View #1

Get stock quotes for up to 12 symbols at a time on one page.

This view shows symbol, price, change and company name information for the active portfolio.

Easily switch between 3 sub-views:

  • Quote
  • Company Name
  • Profit View

(Company Name sub-view shown)

12-Quote View - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot 12-Quote View #2

Shows symbol, price, change and high/low information for 12 stocks on one screen.

Choose from different color schemes (Black, Grey, Green, Red, Blue, Brown) to customize your experience.


(Quote sub-view shown)

12-Quote Profit View - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot 12-Quote View #3

Easily see your profit/loss per symbol.

The 12-Quote Profit View calculates:

  • Change from purchase price
  • Profit/loss per stock
  • Total dollar value per stock

(Profit sub-view shown)

(shown running on a square screen device)

4-Quote View - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot 4-Quote View

Displays information for four stocks at one time, showing company name, price, high/low, change and volume information.

Portfolio Picker - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot Portfolio Picker

Easily switch between portfolios on the main screen.

Adding a Symbol - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot Easily lookup and add symbols 

Easy to use Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager makes entering symbols and grouping your equities easy.


(shown running on a square screen device)

Easily enter purchase price, quantity, alarm settings per equity.



Total Performance Display

Pocket Stock Monitor will calculate profit/loss and total value per portfolio.



Alarms enable the program to notify you (visually and audibly) when the price of a stock is over or under the set limits.


International support

International Indices - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot

Global Markets

Easily monitor the world markets and get information for international exchanges.

Pocket Stock Monitor comes preinstalled with a portfolio of World Indices, exchange rates and stocks.

Exchange Rates - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot

Currency Exchange Rates

Keep track of the value of the US Dollar as well as other world currencies.


German Stocks - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot


Supporting all major German exchanges.

UK Stocks - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot

United Kingdom

Easily get stock quotes from UK exchanges.

French  Stocks - Pocket Stock Monitor screenshot


Full support for French exchanges.

Supporting International Exchanges

North America


  • Canada (TSE, TSX)


  • Germany (All)

  • Italy

  • France

  • Spain

  • UK

  • Denmark

  • Austria

  • Netherlands

  • Norway

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

Asia/Middle East

  • Israel

  • India (BSE/NSE)

  • China

  • Hong Kong

  • Indonesia

  • New Zealand

  • Singapore

  • Taiwan

  • South Korea

Central/South America

  • Mexico

  • Argentina

  • Brazil


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